My research on glaciers in the Chinese Pamir has led to a multi-year project to compile similar glacial data from ranges throughout the Tibetan Plateau. I have had seven undergraduates work with me on different ranges, including two who completed theses (Jamey Stutz, Chinese Pamir pilot study and Michael Martins, Nyainqentanglha Shan). Five 3rd year students at UTM also completed projects with me (ROP, ERS399Y) on a number of other ranges (Drew Rotheram-Clarke - Gurla Mandhata; Azima Ihsan - Ama Drime; Juliana Morales - Lunggar Shan, Justyna Strzelczyk, Joseph Vrzovski). I also worked on an early version of this analysis with my post-doc, Jason Dortch, with resulted in a publication which explored asymmetry in the Ladakh Range in India (Dortch et al., 2011). I am excited about where this research will lead. If we compare enough locations with different structural geometry and climate, we may begin to tease out the relationship between glacial erosion and tectonics.


Dortch, J., Owen, L.A., Schoenbohm, L.M>, and Caffee, M.W., 2011, Geomorphology, v. 135, p. 167-180.